Monday 26 March 2012

Oh yesterday...

So yesterday (Sunday) I had my first day of work :)

Yesterday at Wembley Johnstone's Paint Trophy Final 2012 was on. Chesterfield 2 Swindon 0. And I was working it.  

I woke up at 7:15 (naturally) and had a wash and so on, I then come back to my bedroom and was like "I am so tired right now! Lets sleep till 8am" So I set my alarm and went back to bed. Because the clocks went forward one hour my body REALLY did miss that one hour of sleep, I am glad I had time in the morning to get some of it back!

I got the train from Bermondsey to Wembley park as I always do when going to my Dad's house and walked along to the stadia, I got to work on time but I was later to find out from the Chef if they tell me to work "9:45" that means I need to be in my kiosk at 9:45 so get to work about 30 mins before I need to start, that gives me time to sign in, get my locker and uniform and then find where I am working.

I got to my kiosk like 30 mins late but I did have to find it alone and I got sent in the wrong direction! I had a really good first day, when I got home my feet were killing me though lol. I am so lazy huh? I was making boxes to put the pizzas in, I was putting rocket on the pizzas, done a little cleaning and put together pasta and stuff ready for serving. It was a good little day. We did get pretty busy at one point but apparently that is nothing! Its worse on big match days... I've opt in to work next Saturday rugby so lets see how that goes :)

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