Sunday 18 March 2012

Saturday 17/03/12

Saturday (St Paddy's day) its my girls birthday :) I come home from being a tipsy mess with beth around 8am and slept till 12 midday. I woke up with an awful hangover. I watched some TV and went back to bed around 3pm and then woke up 6pm with my mum reminding me that my friend Lillie was coming at 7pm. I got up and has a wash and started to get dressed and my girl asked me to call her and mine and Lillies plans changed. We was going G-A-Y so we was dressed for that but we then decided to go 02.

We went Thai Silk, me and Lillie was hardly dressed for it but we got let in, apparently it is a 21+ club I am surprised we didn't get asked for ID. It was a good night but people don't dance, most of the boys stand there with their drink watchin' the girls dance and I don't want to seem racist but the black girls didn't dance much, most of the people on the floor dancin (as i could see) was white, mixed and so on...


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