Wednesday 4 April 2012


Its now 9:11pm... Not done too much today, I was in the doctors oven an hour! I had to wait an hour just for my appointment!! It was at 11:50 i saw the doctor at 1:00! Piss take huh?!

I went ASDA after to pick up my meds and shampoo, I've got a really dry scalp :( i think its because of my reaction to the new hair dye! (N) I also got mtself two pairs of leggings and a nice top :D I need shoes now! Because I go out clubbing so much I need new things, can't always wear the same stuff! Although I am always in black dresses you would think they are always the same haha...

I foud these sexy black wedges on Ebay but for some reason the person took them down :( I really wanted them aswell!! :( now I'll look for new heels/ wedges...

The weather isn't looking too good for the next week in London! But after watching the news we have it pretty good. Loads of places in the UK currently have snow and a shit load of it! I am happy there isn't snow! Tomorrow I am meeting up with my friend, aint seen her in a week (N) andd Friday if it isn't raining too much I'll go Lee and get my tattoo touched up a little... If it don't cost too much haha. I don't have money till pay day Friday and that won't be too much! (N) apparently i will be getting taxed! (N)

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