Wednesday 4 April 2012


Woke up about 11am today and had a doctors appointment at 11:50, I was so tired when I woke up due to having a late night drawing sesh haha. I have been learning to draw (: I use the app Drawsomething and the pictures I do are really bad! So I downloaded a new picture app :D You can see my baby drawing down the bottom, it isn't very good but it is my first try!

I am currently at the doctors now, ben waiting ages for my appointment, mums wa at 11:40 and mine was at 11:50 its now 11:15 and still we are waiting! I do think i need a new doctors but I like this one so much.. I've been using this doctor from the age of 3! So he knows me well and i trust him!

Anyway... I better go now. I'll write later.

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