Saturday 5 May 2012


Yawn! I am currently on the 182 bus to Wembley Cent to get the bakerloo line home because Wembley park is full / busy with the football fans...

Work today was good, long 7 hour shift (because we get 25 mins unpaid work) my feet are killing me, I did enjoy today though. The Fa cup final. It was very busy, I saw mainly Liverpool fans today. We are club wembley are mixed, I am not sure if other levels are or not but we are so we get all fans. Today u wasn't allowed to wear club t-shirts on club level... Not really sure why :S my till was up £10 due to tips, people go 'keep the change' but I don't want to look like I'm stealing so I put it in the till and that made my till up. I think I made nearly £900 today, my till alone. That shows how busy it was. We sold so many buds! Fans love their beer :P

I had to write my name on my cup lol, people will bin my drink if I don't own it! Haha. We can drink as much soda from our kiosk as we like as long as it is in one of these cups. We had a new team leader that lets us have breaks. I was sitting with the coke boxes for my break haha. Fun huh? ;)

I better go anyway, I have 64% on my iphone and it needs to last me the 2 hours it will take to get home in this traffic and long bus trip. :D

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