Saturday 5 May 2012

Fa Cup Final Day

Set my alarm for 9:15am and 9:30am because I work better being half awake before my real alarm goes off, that didn't happen haha, I didn't get out of bed till 9:45am, I went and had a wash and washed my hair. Now I am in bed charging my phone half dressed and ready for work. I have to leave for work in about 30 mins but all I need to do is get a top, pack my work shoes and find the house keys, I guess finding the keys will be the longest task as I don't want to wake my mum up. I think I may have already done so when washing my hair but I really did try being quiet as a mouse. 

I'll go now, but I'll write tonight if I am not too tired, its Fa Cup Final Day so it will be busy at work.

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