Sunday 9 December 2012

Christmas & New Years Outfits

I have just decided I've got my Christmas and New Years outfits. I already have them, so no need to spend more money. The dress I've never wore so it gives me an excuse to wear it, the top I'm getting for Christmas but it is a lighter shade of pink and the leggings I already have like 4 pairs. Not sure about shoes yet but I have heels, wedges and flats. It all depends on where I'm going. Likely to be flats so I can get wasted! 


I'm really looking forward to New Years, last year was epic but it wasn't fully planned or fool proof haha. The best part is free travel on trains till like 5am. I plan to get wasted. I want to enter 2013 drunk and very merry! I'm not even sure who I am going out with. Like 3 of my friends are working till 11 or midnight and I haven't ask my other friend what she is doing yet. I better get stuff sorted soonish, it is getting closer. 

What are you doing for New Years Eve

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