Sunday 9 December 2012

Hej Sverige

Hur mår du idag?

I joined Blogkeen today so it automatically posts my blog to my Facebook page so I don't have to. I did know mainly Swedes use Blogkeen but I joined anyway. I've now noticed a high volume of people from Sweden are looking at my blog. Normally I get the odd one now and then, like 3 a week maybe but in the last 3 hours alone I've had over 40. I guess it isn't a high volume but it is much higher than normal.

So if you didn't already know I had been trying to learn Swedish but I've failed pretty bad. I went onto Google translate one day, closed my eyes and my finger went to Swedish, so I decided I wanted to learn it. I've been reading Swedish blogs for about 4 months now and I'm getting really good with reading but I just can't speak it. I've been reading from Nattstad and Devote. It is a little like English, just because I word looks like something doesn't mean that is how you pronounce it. I'd really love to really learn Swedish and be able to speak it, because having more than one language in the tourism business is a massive bonus. If anyone knows where I can get cheap/free Swedish lessons I'd love to find out about them. I live in London remember. So here are a few things I know in Swedish. I'll write them in English and use Google to write them in Swedish because I don't have the accents or whatever they are called like "å"

Hello, my name is - Hej, mitt namn är / Hej Jag heter
How are you today - Hur mår du idag
I am good - Jag är bra
Thank you - Tack
Yes - Ja
No - Nej / Ingen
I am ill - Jag är sjuk
I love you - Jag älskar dig
I like you - Jag gillar dig
Sweden - Sverige
Swedish - Svenska
English - Engelska
Good night - God natt
Good morning - God Morgon 
Good evening - God kväll
Welcome! - Välkommen!

I do know more but we would be here all day with the basics I know. I just can't speak it very well.

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