Sunday 23 December 2012

Oxford Street

I went Oxford St today, it isn't too far from my house so I didn't mind going, I was expecting it to be super busy as there is two days till Christmas but it was like normal, just busy not super busy. I went in loads of shops like New Look, BHS (where I saw Sophie from Geordie Shore), Next, M&S, Primark, Forever 21, H&M and Evans.

If you read my 'all I want for Christmas' post you would know the whole reason I went was so I could go New Look. I picked up one of the t-shirts I wanted and a cardigan. (Amour Music Tank Top & Cream and Navy Stripe Open Front Cardigan) They didn't have much in store. I'll have to buy some things online after Christmas. I am lucky I did go in store, I needed two sizes smaller than what I am in the tank top. It comes up rather big, I ended up getting a size smaller because I wanted it to be a little baggy and they don't had two sizes. The cardigan 
looks much better than what it does online. It looks really cute on too.
Here are some more reasons to love New Look!
They have the best heels & wedges!

I also found these little beauties in Forever21.

Unfortunately they don't have a F21+ in the Oxford Street Store. I also couldn't find these heels on their site.

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