Tuesday 29 January 2013

Benefit's they're real mascara

I take back what I said about this mascara, I'm warming to it

I am so lucky I got Benefit's mascara for Christmas from my step-mum. I am like the luckiest girl in the world. It will forever be on my wish list! I tried it for the first time NYE and wasn't impressed. It just didn't give me the look I wanted. I like the false lash look where they look big and not clumpy as such but kind of like spider legs and this didn't give me that look which is a bonus to most people but not to me. I started using it daily due to my eyes looking rough when I woke up late for college one day and got so many complements it was unreal, everyone tends to shy away when I tell them the price but at first they want to go out and buy it. I am loving this mascara more and more each time I use it but it seems to be drying out already. I may have opened it NYE but I didn't start using it really till not last Friday the Friday before and already it feels like I've had it a year and it is out of date! I know the tip 'don't push the brush in because your putting air in the bottle you should twist it in to stop the air' but it seems to be pretty dry in there. I actually found a mascara I've had for about 4 years (at the bottom of my make-up draw) and it was still 'wet' and I could have used it (but binned it of course) and I can't believe already that this is drying out. I feel like I should buy a new one and let's be honest the price tag is pretty high for someone to buy a new one each month! 
What I love:
  1. It is long lasting, you could easily put it on, sleep and still wear it the next day like you have just put it on. 
  2. I get loads of complements when wearing it.
  3. I already have long lashes but these make them extra long!    
  4. The spike tip to reach them corner lashes.  

What I hate:
  1. It is so damn hard to take off, I've used cleanser, make-up remover and make-up wipes. Make-up wipes seem to be the best way for me to take the mascara off quickly but even that takes a while. I always have panda eyes. It's likely only Benefit's make-up remover will truly get the product off.
  2. As much as I like the spider legs lash look this sometimes goes OTT if you put more than one layer on.
  3. The price tag - £18.50 
  4. It dries out pretty quick (read above) 

The spike brush

The spike tip

Overall, I really do love this mascara with it's pros and cons but I've found I can use my clubbing mascara with this brush and it does the same job! Fingers crossed Benefit have a MASSIVE sale and I can buy it again.


  1. I am sold everyday about how good this mascara is, now I just need to fork out on one now :)

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  2. I love the look and sound of this mascara but not the price!