Saturday 19 January 2013

I'm going uni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woke up pretty early this morning, had to go to an open day at UEL. My best friend said she would come with me. I met her at 11am in Lewisham and we got the DLR to Cyprus. We must have taken the world's longest route to Cyprus because on the way we passed so many stops close to our house that we could have got on at. Oh well you learn from mistakes. I arrived about 12:05 and went straight to a talk about the university. After the talk we went and to track my UCAS entry where they told me they may be able to offer me a place straight away, the lady said she couldn't as she didn't understand my qualification, I had to go speak with the tutors about it where they didn't know if my qualification was good enough for the university, turns out there is a spelling mistake. It says NVD not NVQ, the lady then checked all my forms and came and said 'congratulations' I got a conditional offer!!!!!! As long as I pass my maths and the tourism course I am in! I'll work my bum off so I can get in. This pretty much means I am going university because I know I'll work hard and pass my courses. As soon as it comes up on UCAS that I can accept I will. Of course I need to see what Birmingham are saying but I'm ever the optimist. It looks like an AMAZING university. After sorting out my application we popped the Starbucks which is on campus, it is super cheap and a snickers and coffee cost me under £1 (I think 50p but I can't remember haha) with their £1 discount vouchers they gave me.

I took a tour around the accommodation, because even though I only live an hour away from campus I'd like to be closer. I wasn't too happy with it to be honest, a decent size room but the bathroom is like a bathroom on a plane! I'm not kidding you could sit on the toilet and shower at the same time haha. The rent is pretty high too £120 a week. That's all that is putting me off going here. I know I'll have the money from my student loan but it's expensive I feel. I'll have a little look around for shared apartments in the area and student houses.

I am hopeful, I do really like this university.

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