Saturday 19 January 2013

Westfield Shopping

After going to the university we decided to go shopping in Westfield Stratford. I knew I was still on my spending ban so I stuck to it and even though I found so many boots and shoes I wanted I stuck to my guns and didn't buy anything. I am so proud of myself because I found a pair of boots in Forever21 and a pair of high wedge creepers

These are the boots I found in Forever21, I fell in love with them. I am not sure on the price because the label said £18 but they are on a shelf that had £8 something for all boots so I am not sure of the exact price. I love them and they are comfy. I wish I could have got them! Shame about this ban. I couldn't find these boots online which is a shame. Maybe if you want them you can go in store.

I love these high wedge creepers, I don't like how they look but they are the most comfy shoes I have ever put on my feet I felt like I was walking on air even more comfy than my trainers. I wanted them so badly. The more I look at them the more I want them. I just want to marry these wedges haha so beautiful. Shame I couldn't buy them.

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