Saturday 19 January 2013

Spending ban - Week 1 wish list

Part of my spending ban is to write a wish list each week showing what I've wanted. I broke my spending ban yesterday and you can read about it by clicking here. It's been so hard not to spend. I have about 15p left out of my change from my coat pocket. I've hardly ate food at college. I've spent under £15 this week and that includes the top I got and all my food/drink for college. I am so proud of my self. These websites are making it so hard for me. I get about 6 emails daily from Amazon, Asos, Miss Guided, Yours Clothing & many more, I wish they would stop telling me about their amazing sales and about the cold weather. I know it's cold and yes I do want to spend all my money in your store but leave me alone! haha I have this content battle. Should I read my emails or not? I get important ones daily so it is hard. I just try to delete them quickly before I can think about all the items I could buy. I honestly feel like an addict.

 Here are some of my wish list items. 

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