Friday 1 February 2013

Destination show 2013

Today I went to the destination show at Earl's Court.

I had to go to help me with a part of my college course I had to get as much information as I could go the Dominican Republic, Cuba, St Kitts&Nevis and some information on other parts of the Caribbean. Nearly my whole class was there looking for stuff, we all had different continents we had to look at and different countries in that continent. We are going to hold our own event at the college showing people the wonders of different countries and showing them the countries food, dances, clothes and so on. It should be really cool.

Here are the bags I had to carry along with my overnight bag for my dad's house. My back was hurting so bad I wanted to just leave the items on the floor and run away and cry. It sounds silly but this was so damn heavy. I have about 20 brochure, a massive poster, 3 cds, loads of pens, a pencil case, post-it notes, maps, leaflets and other random items. I have to take them to college on Monday. I really need some luck sent my way! 

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