Friday 1 February 2013

NEW Sure Compressed in stores 04/02/13

Got these 'Sure compressed deodorants' in the mail for me to review. I also got 5 50p off vouchers for Tesco to use on any Sure deodorant

The first thing you spot with this product is the size and then the beautiful smell. It is so cute and will fit perfectly in your handbag or even a clutch bag for when you go out drinking. I know for me I always want a spray when I go to a club but it never fits in my tiny bag. This fits perfectly. I could even add both of them! You can also take it in your hand luggage when you're at the airport as it is under 100ml. The smell is amazing, beautiful in fact. It smells like flowers and feels really calming. I'll be honest I can't tell the difference between the two smells, they are both perfect.

I used it this morning after I washed, I put my jumped on straight away because this dries so quickly, you're not left with that wet feeling and it doesn't stain your tops. For such a little can it comes out very powerful and direct, which I find good. I normally I use deodorant frequently throughout the day to feel at my best but I really didn't need to with this product. I used it around 8am and still now at 3:30pm I am feeling fresh and smelling fresh. It really does leaves you feeling and smelling fresh all day. As you know from my last post I went to the travel show today and I more than worked up a sweat and I feel so fresh it's unreal, I just feel protected. It is really weird to say but I feel like I have something looking after me and stopping me from feeling sweaty. I had shaved and used this and no pain! I always get pain after shaving but non whatsoever! I'll write a review again once I've had the product for a month to let you know how I am getting on.

The facts: 
  • Lasts just as long with less packaging
  • Delivers even better protection than your old Sure can
  • Perfect size for your handbag
  • More environmentally friendly!
  • Available in all major UK retailers on the 4th February.  
  • RRP: £2.19
  • Sure's best ever protection in an aerosol
Did you know?
  • 87% of local authorities in the UK accept empty aerosols for recycling. 
  • If 1 million people use compressed deodorants we would save 720 tonnes of CO2 and enough aluminium to make over 20,000 bikes? 
  • Dove & Vasline deodorants have also been converted into compressed cans
  • Sure spent 10 years experimenting to get to this finished product.

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  1. I got the Dove one's to review...I really like them!! Just the same in a small can :)