Sunday 24 February 2013

Instagram in 4 Weeks #1

This is the last 4 weeks in Instagram pictures!
*Going from left to right

1) You can get 20% discount from Motel Rocks if you use 'leeshastarr' at the checkout
2) I need a cuddle buddy, it's so cold and I'm lonely.
3) My nails
4) My first ever Converse trainers
5) The most expensive coke I have ever got
6) My meal at Stratford Westfields
7) My Valentine's day rose
8) My UCAS results
9) Two of my class mates dressing up for the event
10) Thinking about Ibiza in July. 
11) My UCAS results
12) The price on the taxi meter when we got back from Birmingham
13) My face when I got into the cold in Birmingham
14) The taxi meter when we got to Birmingham
15) Me & Ami posing
16) My fancy dress wish list
17) My UCB pack I got in the mail
18) My MUA haul
19) My discount UCAS card. 
20) A drink deal in Ayia Napa
21) Me, my best friend & a random boy in Ibiza
22) My weekly wish list)
23) Me showing off my new hair colour
24) Woke up to loads of Instagram likes
                    25) My nail wheel from China
                          26) My sad face on the way to college due to the cold snow
       27) The snow in London.  

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