Saturday 23 February 2013

Messing around with my Urban Decay Palette

I got super bored last night around 2am and decided to mess about with my Urban Decay Book of Shadows III NYC Palette*. I was doing a green/black smokey eye and didn't like it so done the other eye just green. I Used my They're real by benefit, MUA liquid liner, Barry M eyeliner, Gosh lipgloss, MUA brow pencil, Colour works bronzing balls & a bronzer from Primark or ASDA. 

I love my UD palette, it is very much loved and you can tell if you see the shadows. I'll do a swatch and review soon. I forgot I even had it. Found it on my make-up draw. I have lost one of the eye liners, I didn't know it was missing till I was the above picture. I have a shadow brush in the space so didn't even notice it was gone

Here are some pictures.
I'm really not very good with doing eye shadow and I'm even worse at 2am so don't judge me haha. 
*This was a gift from my step-mum, I do not know the price. I can only find it on Ebay for £37.99

I've also been messing around with my nails. 
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