Tuesday 5 March 2013

Graze Box 2

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It's that time again, my bi weekly graze box delivery, I was very happy to get home from college to the box.

 This week I got: lightly salted popcorn - Only 127 calories so it's a 'graze light' it is also high in fibre! Tomato dipinetti - 97 calories. Cookies and cream - source of vitamins and minerals and source of fibre. Garden of England - 70 calories & source of fibre.

lightly salted popcorn - I've not tried this yet but hope they are nice.

Tomato dipinetti - I was surprised about these, I didn't think I'd like the tomato but I did and I thought I'd like the bread sticks but I don't. I wouldn't ask for this again because it was a complete waste. It wasn't for me although I did like the tomato.

Garden of England - I wasn't too happy about this one. I liked it but I only got one strawberry. It was cut in 2 and that was the best part. I found out I don't like blackcurrants, they are far too sweet for my tastebuds, the apple was odd too. I liked it but it wasn't something I'd like to eat more of. 

Cookies and cream - My fave, it was clear to me I'd love this. I love cookies and cream anyway. It was white chocolate buttons, sunflower seeds, little cookies and roasted hazels

I have put myself 'on holiday' with my graze box because I really can't afford £7 a month that could be wasted on things I don't like. I do really love the idea of the Graze box but I have a holiday to save for. I'll likely start it up again once I have a part-time job. You can get your free Graze box by clicking here or entering this code: GR63ZD9
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