Thursday 28 March 2013

No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation review

As you should know I picked up the No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation in Deeply Honey about a week ago.

Boots say 'helps your skin to resist the signs of make-up meltdown with this long-lasting moisturising foundation. Retouch free for 16 hours and lasting coverage.'

Fragrance free
Vitamin E to protect your skin without blocking your pores 
This is my first experience with NO7, I only picked them because they did a colour match when you go in store. I was out with a few girls from college and we popped in Boots, I went to the lady and asked for the skin match. She put a little device to my cheek and within about 10 - 15 seconds maybe even less it come up that I was 'deeply honey' she used a make-up sponge and blended it to my cheek. I couldn't even tell I had foundation on it blended so well! I was sold... TILL I GOT HOME. I then tried the foundation on my whole face and like always with all foundations it isn't the correct colour for my full face. It makes the front of my face (around eyes, nose, lips) look dirty (a little like someone has rubbed dirt in my face!) and blends really well on my cheeks and part of my neck.  *sighs*
 I have read some reviews and a few people say this about the deeply honey shade. Looks amazing in the store, you get home and it looks dirty!
Here I've done a half and half. Left is no foundation, right is foundation. 
I don't think this picture shows the foundation well. There is more of a difference but maybe the flash was too bright to show this.

  • Natural/Semi Matte finish
  • Medium Coverage
  • Lasting Coverage (around 9 hours)
  • Available in 17 new shades!! I'm sure 90% of people will have their shade
  • Price £14 is sort of expensive
  • Would be 'stay perfect' if it was full coverage
  • Isn't waterproof, a little bit of rain and it goes patchy!
  • You need to try your shade with a sample at home or in natural light 
  • It is patchy on dry skin areas, making them show up more. 
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