Wednesday 27 March 2013

Thank you from P4A

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who liked the Pants4Asia Facebook page, followed us on Twitter and watched our Youtube videos. We saw the judges today (a little like Dragon's den) and we pithed our Business plan, told them why we love the charity so much and how we will be helping the children, farmers and factory workers in India. 
We came first out of the 6 groups today and we worked so well as a team. I have to say I am so proud of us and I think it came across that we are truly and honestly so passionate about giving to India. We got these awesome books 'Welcome to the Entrepreneur country' which I am so excited about getting to read and a box of chocolates that we shared. We then told our tutors, they are so proud of us too. We will be selling briefs, boxers, pants, knickers, vests, pyjamas and so on. They are for men and women and I'd love if some of you guys could buy some of the items. I'll have an Ebay account and maybe Amazon selling these items. We will be starting after Easter so make sure you keep checking out our official blog, Facebook, Youtube & Twitter 
Here are some of the items we will be selling. 

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