Saturday 30 March 2013

Spending ban - Week 11 wish list

I am so sorry, I really, honestly didn't know it was Saturday today. The whole of yesterday felt like Saturday because I wasn't in college and today feels like a Sunday because I've not been out. I fully paid for Ibiza yesterday. Lorraine come round and we paid the rest and paid for our travel insurance. We are both super excited now, 101 days to go and we can't wait. Already planning each day. We know what boat (booze cruise) we are going on, what clubs and what nights. We just hope Kisstory is back this year! Anyway that's enough about my holiday... I've been doing well I guess this week. I've not got any clothes or anything. Just picked up some make-up sponges (20 for £1.90) and other than that I've not picked up any beauty products and so on. Soon I will start to think about changing some of my money into Euros. I am just waiting for it to be over 1.20. 
Here is my wish list.

I really like the White vest top with pop icon motif and dip back from Yours Clothing, I already have the Amy Winehouse one and I'm upset it's got so cheap. They are down from £17 to £4!! WHAT A STEAL!  I like this Almost Famous top from ASOS but I don't like the £22 pricetag, it looks like a plain top to me that should cost about £10. I use far too many hairbands each month because I always lose them or they break so I'd love to have these 99 Neon Hairbands from Urban outfitters. They only cost £6 so that is like 6p each one! I have a thing for picture frames for some reason... I love this Umbra Montage Frame from Urban Outfitters. I wish it didn't cost £100 though. I like the Longline Striped Vest from ASDA for £6, would be perfect for holiday. I always love an ASDA 5 Piece Bracelet and this one is only £5. I am in love with this Prisoner Of Love Gold Heart Bracelet from Guess (House of Fraser) it costs £55 but it is only gold plated. I really want these Hangover Teabags from Whittard for university. We all need a good tea to help cope with the morning after the night before! They cost £3.50. How cool is this Scribble Writing Alarm Clock from Prezzybox? It only costs £12.95 and this is a first in Alarm Clock history; its a cool clock with a screen that let's you scribble all your thoughts, ideas and 'things to do' on it. So, when you wake up in the morning the alarm clock will go off and its screen will show off your scribbles in a cool blue hue.
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