Sunday 31 March 2013

Models Own Nail Polish in Bubblegum Review

 A little while ago with my store credit I picked up this cute Models Own Nail Polish in Bubblegum from Motel Rocks. I had never tried Models Own before but had heard some good stories about how long their varnish lasts and how un gloopy it is and so on so I just had to jump at the chance of picking one up and it's so cheap with Motel Rocks, it is only £5 each one. They also have Models Own Hed Kandi Nail Polish in Ibiza Mix (I want this before I go Ibiza for my false nails), Models Own Nail Polish in Magenta Pearl, Models Own Nail Polish in Scarlet Sparkle, Models Own Nail Polish in Snow White, Models Own Nail Polish in True Blue and Models Own Nail Polish in Orange Sorbet
 So anyway, here is my review.
* I am sorry about the nail varnish, my camera strap went on the 2nd and 3rd coats and made a mark.

 I am somewhat in love with this varnish, I was amazed at how one more coat can change the colour and look so drastically, I really love the 1st coat and 2nd, the 3rd may look the same as the 2nd but it's thicker, on my real nails two was enough to get the full coverage, the more coats you put on the more matte it goes like 90% of neon nail varnishes. It is easy dry and easy to apply! You can't go wrong with this varnish. I would say this colour would be perfect for summer/a holiday on both fingers and toes.


- Nice consistency
- Good brush
- Lasted 4 days without chipping 
- Bright colour
- Cheap 

I would say this is 100% worth the price and I can't wait to buy the full collection of colours, I only wish it hadn't taken me so long to come across the Models Own range! 
The collection is perfect for SS13

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