Monday 1 April 2013

Instagram in 4 weeks #2

I did an Instagram in 4 week back in February you can see it by clicking here
Here is my 2nd Instagram in 4 weeks  
I will be going left to right and the first picture is the newest, the last is the oldest.

1) My red hair from two years ago, I miss it so much!
2) The P4A websites, make sure you follow!
3) SNOW in March! I can't wait for Ibiza
4) My new diet plan. (joke)
5) Me and my girl on her birthday
6) Me, my girl and conner on her birthday
7) Me & Conner
8) Me and my girl, I am rather drunk
9) Me pully faces like always
10) A tad bit drunk in Fire
11) Drunk
12) Oh look, it's me drunk again! haha
13) Us in Fire
14) Me posing, looking a little drunkish
15) How many days sober (soon broken as you can see)
16) My fish eye
17) The rose I gave mummy on mother's day
18) Memories of 2012
19) P4A again, make sure you check out the site
20) My Models Own nail varnish
21) One of the girls in my class dancing! 
22) Me with my red & white 'wig'
23) Me & Jade with our 'wigs'                  
 24) Lesbian joke... 

Overall, I'd say I've had a pretty basic 4 weeks, nothing much has happened as I've been super busy with the charity work and college.
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