Thursday 4 April 2013

Dreaming of Summer!

Just as it started to feel like Spring in London it started to snow again! I am really starting to think mother nature is bipolar. Anyway, the sunshine the other day got me in a good mood and I've been dreaming of summer 2013. I have also heard the rumour that there will be some kind of heat wave soon
I already have plans, I have my holiday to Ibiza, I am looking at some festivals and I will party hard before I get my act together at the start of September to go to university.  
  Primark is normally my favourite shop for summer, I like the fact it is so cheap, I only need to wear it once and they do really cute summer stuff. Unfortunately they don't have an online shop but...
Here are some outfit ideas. All plus size.  
 * I am going to do an outfit from each of my favourite plus size shops*

I really like this plain black Jersey Maxi Dress and it is a steal at just £20! It is just a basic maxi dress but comes in two length sizes, Petite sizes 6 - 18 length 54"/137cm & Regular sizes 6 - 26 length 56"/142cm. They also have these cute Jewelled Jelly Mules sandals, they come in nude, black and pink and of course I love the pink ones. They are from a size 36 - 41 and cost £18. I also like the Apricot Tote Bag which will set you back £28, I really like the bag and it would depend on if it clashes with the shoes or not. I am going for a black peachy theme. I normally only wear Ray Ban sunglasses, I have like three pairs (would have 5 but someone stole two pairs in Turkey) and I love them. I also have my 'fake' pair from Ibiza that I picked up drunk and woke up the next day with a pair of 'REY BARNI' glasses *lucky they only cost me £5* anyway I really like these Ralph By Ralph Lauren Matt Pink Sunglasses, they are pretty cheap for Ralph Lauren, they cost £85 and are a medium tint. I really love these White And Rose ‘City Name’ Bangles, they cost just £12 and I think they are very cute! They do a S/M & M/L

Ax Paris
I love 99.9% of Ax Paris' curve collection and these items are just added to the list. I love this PU Collar Tulip Dress which costs £35 and I picked the burgundy dress, they also have it in a navy blue. It's a bit like the skater dresses. It ranges from a size 16 to a 26 and comes just above the knee, it may be a little shorter on me due to my bum and boobs. (I always have this issue with dresses) me being me I'd wear them with a pair of Black Suede Creepers but I'm not sure this dress would really go with creepers. Ax Paris do the creepers for £26.99 they currently only have a size 3/4 in stock though. *sulks* If I was going for a more rock chick look I'd wear the dress with their cool Stud Suede Creepers, these are a little more money at £32.99 and they have sizes 3 - 6 in stock. For just 2.99 each these Flat Stud Press Bracelet are perfect as a statement bracelet, the do a black and a gold. These would be perfect with the stud creepers.

New Look
I have had my fair share of problems with New Look but I love them so damn much it hurts, I'll forever love Inspire and it fully upsets me when I go in a store and they don't do Inspire. I always shy away from colour but I really like this Apricot Jacquard Bird Print Skater Skirt. It costs £17.99 and ranges from a size 18 - 28. I am not 100% on the bird print but I do love my skater skirts. I'd like this basic white Shoe String Vest and at £3.49 you can't go wrong. I'd tuck this into the skirt. It ranges from a size 20 - 24, I would have liked this in a smaller size as I like these top to be tight and this looks like it would be a loose fit. I do love my pumps, plimsolls, vans, converse and Nikes so I'd keep comfy with these White Lace Up Plimsolls which only cost £6.99 they range from size 3 - 9 but for a more dressy outfit I like the Coral T Bar Cut Out Cork Platforms. They cost £24.99 and range from a 4 -7. To finish the look I like the Apricot Skinny Frame Sunglasses, Gold Nerd Necklace,  and... The sunglasses cost 4.99 so super cheap and super worth it! The nerd necklace is on a BOGOF sale so I'd also pick up the OMG necklace. The nerd necklace costs £3.50 You should know how much I like diamantes, I love this Gold Chain Edge Diamante Bracelet, it costs £4.99 and is on the 2 4 1 jewellery so I'd get two of them. 

Yours Clothing
I already have this awesome white printed sleeveless top with dipped back (Amy winehouse top) and I'll 100% be rocking it this summer with a pair of 3/4 length leggings or cropped leggings. It costs £5 currently but I got it when it was more expensive *sulks* I picked these chocolate crop leggings because I normally wear black or white ones so I wanted something new. They are £9 and range from a 16 - 32. For £6 these black sunglasses with metal rope arm detail are totally worth it, plus they have 100% UV Protection. Unfortunately Yours do not have any other items (like shoes, accessories) that I like.

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