Saturday 6 April 2013

Good things come in 5s?

Yesterday was a really good day for me, I got five good things come to me all at once. 

I won tickets from the wonderful etailPR blog network. I get to take a plus 1 which I picked my best friend Lillie. I am so excited it's unreal. It will be my first Blogger event. I'm already planning my outfit, it would be nice to wear an Ax Paris dress or something. I only have one Ax Paris top and it is too big for me now. (I've lost some weight)
ModelsOwn RT'd me on Twitter and I got LOADS of more views on my post, I am very excited that they RT'd me!! I spotted it on their website before seeing it on my Twitter!

I got my English results, I had been waiting nearly a year for them and they come yesterday and today. I am excited because I was starting to think I must had failed. I don't know where they got October 2012 from though. I did the exam May 2012...
I got my Ibiza top from Kingston Primark on Wednesday, only cost £3 and I am very excited because I went to about four Primarks before finding it in my size

I got this awesome Stella Artois Pint Glass (Chalice) in the mail and I wasn't even expecting it. I got it from their their Facebook Page contest. I want it for myself but my dad's birthday is next month and he drinks Stella so I'll give it to him along with whatever I buy him. Thank you Stella Artois. But remember guys, it's not a glass, it's a CHALICE! :)

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