Tuesday 11 June 2013

I am so sorry!

I am so sorry to anyone who reads my blog, I have been super busy! I worked The Stone Roses concert and The Summertime Ball and had next to no sleep this weekend. The week before I was busy with the charity so I've had no time to blog or even use my laptop. 
Although I've been super tired and needing my bed most of the time I've had a good week and look forward to the next. 

  1. My workers wristband for the two days
  2. At 4pm when gates opened, already busy!
  3. Same as 2.
  4. 10pm on day one, The Stone Roses are playing. 
  5. Same as 4.
  6. Me, just got home at 1am in my work uniform.
  7. Day two, about 9pm, The Stone Roses are playing
  8. 11pm, I am cold, tired and needing sleep. Day two 
  9. Starbucks at London Bridge
  10. They got my name right in Starbucks
  11. Drinks at Spoons
  12. Vodka and coke, Cider & Rose ;)
  13. Curry at Spoons
  14. Cake & Ice cream
  15. Funny drunken faces
  16. Having the munchies after spoons!
  17. Lillie sleeping in my bed with her crisps
  18. Spooning with my pooh bear
  19. Lillie abusing my bear
  20. Same as 19
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