Friday 7 June 2013

Thank you London Rebel!

Back at the start of the year I entered a contest on Facebook with London Rebel, like normal it isn't likely you will ever hear from the company as you didn't win. But just last week I was clearing out my Facebook messages and in the 'other' part of the inbox (mainly spam) I saw a message from London Rebel, I was super upset because I had won any pair of shoes from their website (and I love their shoes so much) but I honestly thought it would be far too late to claim the prize. Boy was I wrong!
I was so excited when they came on Monday, I love them and they are my first pair of Kurt Geiger shoes! They are currently on the website for £45 which I think is a total bargain as they are super cute. *TMI* I was half naked when they came and home alone so I put them on and the moment I put them on I started singing 'these boots are made for walking' around the house. I can't wait to wear them now and show them off to all my friends! They are so comfy too!
Price: £45 in sale
Sizes: 3-8
Colour: Navy / Mink

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