Sunday 23 June 2013

My little haul

This isn't a typical haul where I've gone out shopping one day and got loads of stuff, this is what I've got over the last week, most of which I got free because my mum got me it. The last two weeks have been pretty much all about getting ready for Ibiza. My haul has pretty much come from ASDA, Superdrug and Littlewoods.

As you know my hair colour is red and I use 'Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color - fiery red' but I am starting to think everyone has the same hair colour as me. It took me three stores, all of which I cleared out, to get these three hair dye packs! I guess everyone is going red for the summer. Only problem is it takes three boxes to do my roots and tips (not even a full head) so I need two more boxes asap! I am going to dye my roots blonde and my hair red over the next few days before I go on holiday. I know the sun will make my hair lighter but I hate black roots. 
 After hardly any luck finding the hair dye elsewhere I went to Tesco to try pick one up, I can't go into Tesco without looking at their clothing range first and I found this super cute neon pink Aztec top from their plus size range and it cost only £10! I also picked up a bra, which I don't want to fully show you all because that would be plain weird right?

I have been so in love with this Bird Print Skater Dress from George @ Asda for a long time now. It was on my wish list a little while ago. It costs £12 but my mum got me it for holiday. It is currently out of stock online in all sizes. It is super cute and very flattering. I can't show you a picture of me in it till after my holiday, mum said strictly 'for your holiday' my mum also got me three cotton vests from George @ Asda for holiday, they go nice under a tank top as I don't have a bandeau bra and only cost £2 each. I didn't even notice till I took the picture that they look like the Irish flag! Green.White.Orange.  

I got so excited when my mum gave me these leggings from Littlewoods, they are from the brand 'South' which have super amazing quality items and they only cost her... wait for it... £3 each! I know, amazing right? Littlewoods have a sale on right now and these were in it. She got me a red pair and a 'Indigo' pair, both are for holiday. I have cute tunics and shirts that will go with them on nights out. The navy pair are completely out of stock and the red pair are only in stock up to size 12. Click here to buy your own pair.

I also popped into Superdrug and got some MUA stuff. A clear nail varnish and an eye shadow in the shade Pearl 30. Both cost me only £1 each like most MUA items. 
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