Friday 5 July 2013

July's beauty lust list.

Recently I've been lusting for so many beauty products that I really can't afford till I get back off holiday and back to work so I decided to do something constructive with my lusting time and write a post about it. The last few weeks my skin has been awful, I have put it down to the fact I've been eating loads of junk food and drinking far too much alcohol so once I am back in the UK I am going to quit the junk food and excessive drinking of  alcohol and save a few pennies to buy some decent beauty products. 

It is summer now and soon England will be proving that with some decent sun, all I need in the summer to feel happy about myself is beautiful coloured nails and toes. I've been a fan of Models Own varnish for a few months now after getting it from Motel Rocks (20% discount code 'Leeshastarr') and I love their pastel colours. With my skin tone they really stand out! They currently have a 'buy 5, save £5' sale on all of their varnishes. If you click here you can see all the amazing shades. Clearly I can afford Models Own varnishes but I am trying to cut down on buying varnishes.

*not in order of colors*
Pink Punch - Ice Neon /£5
Grape Juice - Fruit Pastel /£5
Strawberry Tart - Fruit Pastel /£5
Apple Pie - Fruit Pastel /£5
Coral Reef - Tropical /£5
Feeling Blue - Tropical /£5
 Because of my awful skin I've been looking at face masks and other cleansing lotions to help with my dry, somewhat spotty skin. I've always used Champneys products when it comes to this but I know I should really branch out a little and try something new.

 Vitamin C Microdermabrasion from The Body Shop / £13 (75ml) 
It removes dead skin cells, leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, gives skin a brighter, more radiant look and improves skin texture and tone
Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement from Beautybay / £39.48 (120 tablets)
They will not only leave you blemish free but also leave your skin looking stronger and healthier than ever before.
Daily Microfoliant® from Dermalogica / £40.30 (75g)
When I worked in a beauty salon and even when I was in beauty school everyone would rave on about Dermalogica, my step-mum got me the teen range and I loved it and from that day on I've been in love with the brand. Just wish I could afford it but as a student stuff like this is very rare.

This is pretty much my lust list right now, facial products and nail products. Only time will tell if I can afford to get my hands on these items. 
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