Friday 9 August 2013

Back to school supplies

So my 4 month summer is quickly coming to an end and I am starting to get ready for my first year in university! (I am scared) I'll be studying for three years towards a B.A.(Hons) in International Tourism Management. Level 1 will have me learning: • Understanding International Tourism • The Business Environment for Tourism and Events • Tourism Marketing • Skills for Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment Management • Understanding Hospitality  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance for the Cultural Industries. 
An added bonus with my university is that you can choose to learn a foreign language and /or study overseas for one semester and I plan on doing both. I plan on learning Spanish and hopefully going to Spain.

So I've sort of gone on and on and I've not even said the why I am writing this post. It is sort of a mini check list of items I'll be taking with me (other than items for my new room) and the best places to find cheap items for school, college and university. I am very lucky and have a UCAS student discount card so I get money off/discounts at Ryman, Alton Towers, Ink 4 Students, 16-25 railcard and more. I really need some new pens, pencils and books.
Many websites/stores have a section on their website/in their store dedicated to 'Back to school' This stores include: Tesco, WHSmith, Apple, Sainsbury's, The Works, and Amazon UK If you're in America Amazon have a two day free shipping for 'college' students.

Some of the items I need to buy over the next month: 

 The Works will become my best friend over the next three years, they do good quality items for very cheap. 4 Clear Tape with Dispenser, Collins English Dictionary, Scissors, 3 Gel Ink Pens, 4 Sharpeners, 12 Tipped Pencils and so much more all 99p each!
I honestly believe you can never have too many USB drives. I always have work saved on my laptop and saved to two USB sticks because technology can fail at any time. I found this Intenso 32GB USB on Amazon for only £10.53 which I think is a complete steal! 
I am the worst of organisation when it comes to paperwork so I 100% need the A4 expanding home file from Ebay. It costs £10.81 but all other stores (all cheaper) seem to be currently out of stock, maybe everyone needs it just like me. 
Post-it Index Flags where a God send for me when I was doing beauty, when you have such a massive book it is nice to have easy access to stuff and for only £2.99 from Amazon they are 100% worth it. 
I am a big child at heart and novelty items like the Maped Eraser Whizz make me happy plus I had one when I was in school. It is only £1.90 from John Lewis and comes in pink and blue. Guess what colour I want!
Revision Cards are always a good idea around exams week and I know I learn from writing things down John Lewis sell a pack for 50 for ONLY £2!

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