Sunday 20 October 2013

Marrakech day 4 & 5 ✈️

 Yesterday was a really long day which is why never got time to post about it. 
We woke up pretty early and mum headed to breakfast, I left her to it because I really wasn't in the mood for a crappy breakfast, it wasn't worth the energy of getting ready quickly. 

I'll be honest I've been so ill today I can't really remember much of yesterday. All I remember is going to Jemaa el-Fnaa during the day and then going back at night. During the day I went looking for a new laptop case/bag because by the time I get back in the UK my Macbook Pro should be there. As soon as we got there these two men (pictured below) come and said I should take a picture, I said no and he insisted mumbling something in French and I for some reason heard 'no, it's okay... Free' so I took the picture and he then instantly asked for €2. I wasn't happy and told them both no, after about 30 seconds of the man following me and pressuring me to give him money I got a 1/2 a dh out my bag (all I had in change other than mine and mum's bus fare) I gave him that and he throw it back at me clearly abusing me in French. I have to laugh now but at the time it was a little scary. I can't get my head around him asking for €2 (25DH) for me taking a picture, a picture that isn't any good due to lighting. BE WARNED if you come Marrakech, take sly pictures or none at all, you will be charged for them!
They wanted €2 for me taking this picture, it isn't even good!
Once we got back to the hotel I had a very bad headache, I clearly had sun stroke and now for the past 30 hours I've been feeling ill and had a terrible headache, I actually never woke up till noon today and even then it was because I pretty much got forced to wake up. Even after a shower and loads of water I was still feeling awful, had a pretty lazy day in the shade due to this and didn't leave the hotel till dinner time where we went to a lovely restaurant about a km down the road, it cost 120dh for a three course meal and was the best meal I've had all week, the hottest meal I've had all week! That is one thing I will not miss once I am home in the UK, the food. They seem to not understand 'hot food' everything comes cold or hotish where it feels reheated.

 Tomorrow is our 'girly day' as the others are going on a trip and we are staying behind, we are likely to go shopping, go to the supermarket and then tan by the pool for a few hours before dinner. Mum is so red and I don't have much of a tan but on saying that I keep getting mistaken for being Moroccan! Maybe I am getting darker. Anyway, I best go sleep now. 
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  1. Love this place. I've been there too.. I like your pics. I'm sure this trip was great and added some great memories :)