Friday 22 November 2013

Time for a re dye

It came that time again where I had to re dye my hair, I had been super lazy and not done it in about 5 months so it was nice to spend yesterday 'pampering' myself. 
Garnier Belle Color Blonde (pre lightener) & Garnier Nutrisse ultra color fiery red

Dying my hair honestly takes a day. You have to dye my hair blonde, which takes about 45 minutes to get the dye fully covered over my head, then I wait about 30 minutes, but the front is normally blonde before we have even finished the back. After I need to wash off the blonde, blow dry my hair and dye it red, I need five boxes of red dye to fully cover my hair and that takes about an hour and I left it 30 minutes, I then had to wash it off, washing out red is a task on its own. It takes me about 45 minutes and two bottles of shampoo and it still don't 'run clear' I then have to blow try and straighten it which takes about an hour and a half so it really is a day task.  But I am a fully red head again!!! 
20 minutes into the blonde
Blonde & pink hair

Hair dye tips
  1. Use vaseline on your eyebrows and around the hairline, this stops your skin for getting dyed
  2. Avoid going in the sun for at least a week
  3. Don't wear anything you'd like to wear again
  4. ALWAYS wear gloves, dye can be really hard to take off!
  5. Buy more than you need, always better to have too much than too little
  6. Buy a cheap brush, hair clips and hairbands that you will only use for doing the dye
  7. Don't wash your hair for 48 hours if you can, it's better on unwashed hair
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  1. When I was dying my hair red I had to go through the same routine.....2 boxes of blonde dye then 2 red.....Took forever but was so worth it!! :D

    1. It's a long routine haha. Lucky it's only two boxes, that just about does my roots.

  2. That is one wicked colour :) I under colour my hair bright pink in the summer months :)