Tuesday 3 December 2013

Christmas 2013 Haul

I have gone mad for shopping this Christmas, it all started on Black Friday and continued to Cyber Monday! 
 * Caution, post may include a rant * 

On Black Friday I went to Lewisham for shopping, I hadn't been in a while and I knew it had two shops I really needed, Card Factory and The Works. I needed everyone's Christmas cards plus two birthday cards because my friends are so selfish and have birthdays near Christmas haha. I needed The Works because my mum loves books and they are so cheap for books meaning I could buy three books for £5, when one of the books can cost me £6.99 in other shops. I also ended up buying new work trousers from Evans as they had a up to 30% off sale. I got them for £17.50 down from £25. Superdrug was also a big 'must do' on my list. I needed primer, cleanser, toner and make-up brushes. I ended up walking out with a MUA mist, Olay cleaners, toner and make-up remover and no make-up brushes! I popped into loads of shops and done some window shopping, marking out what I want, need and like. Some of which I know I can buy cheaper online or elsewhere. I also went in Savers, if you don't know what savers is it is like a bargain basement store, a little bit like poundland but things range in prices but 99% of the time they are cheaper than 'mainstream' stores. I picked up a foundation brush, shampoo and conditioner for £1 each. The shampoo and conditioner I have been using recently as mum had picked them up in there before. ASDA sell the same shampoo and conditioner but it is a smaller bottle and costs the same price. Funny enough ASDA call it "Pound Shop Argan Oil Conditioner".

Yesterday, being Cyber Monday I sat in a boring lecture and decided to buy myself some items from ELF (I will write about that later) and at the end of the lecture two of the girls said they were going Westfield so I decided to tag along as I was going Disney Store there anyway. We went in loads of shops from Primark to Reiss. The first shop we went into was Boots, it was so hard for me to not buy, I was bombarded with Benefit, Soap & Glory and 3 for 2 on so many amazing items. I stuck to my guns and only bought some chewing gum and some chocolate for my little brother. 

One of the biggest 'events' of the day was going into 'BeautyBase'. When I left beautybase I was very excited, I was mentally writing this blog post with nothing but good things to write, like the fact they are so cheap and I picked up three nail varnishes at 99p each,and an Ed Hardy perfume at only £4.99. THEN I got home, I showed my mum who has the Ed Hardy perfume and she told me straight away that it was fake, I didn't even notice. It doesn't even have 'Ed Hardy' on it but after asking the shop assistant for the Ed Hardy perfume and her showing me I instantly thought it was 'Ed Hardy - Tattoo' no, it is in fact 'Tattoo - Pink' which is a total remake of Ed Hardy, from the packaging to the ingredients. I then looked on their website and found loads of the same problem, items with the same name(with slight differences) and same packaging but it is fake and much cheaper! I am not happy, I was also a little annoyed at the fact I bought these separate so went to the till with the £4.99 perfume to be told minimum spend on card is £5! Lucky for me I had cash but they wouldn't let me off for the sake of 1p. I was thinking of just walking out and telling them where to stick it over 1p but I was excited thinking I had it so cheap! My varnishes are: 1 L.A girls treatment diamond top coat, 1 L.A colors color craze shade CNP516 ABSOLUTE (DARKER) and 1 L.A colors color craze shade CNP537 FRILL (LIGHTER). 

After three hours of walking around it was time to leave but no shopping trip is complete at Stratford without looking in Lush, Forever 21 & New Look! I picked up two more bath bombs from Lush and picked up a scarf for my friend in Forever 21. I was really upset with New Look in Stratford, they have changed their Inspire and like the Oxford Street one mixed it/put it next to the petite section, like really why does a plus size person want to be next to a size 4!? Like we don't already hate being in the 'big girl' section of a massive store. They have made it much smaller than what it was last time I was in there. 

I have also done loads of online shopping, from ELF (eyes, lips, face), Amazon and Ebay. Myself and one of my classmates ordered £40 worth of ELF make-up which came to £23 with postage as they had a 50% off everything sale! Items included a secret santa present from your university secret santa, a make-up remover pen, lip stain, eyeshadow palette, brush shampoo, blush and loads more. From Amazon I ordered my little brother a Disney's Planes monopoly and my dad a book I also got a pair of touch screen gloves which only cost me 96p! Yes, less than £1! My Ebay purchases include a Macbook Pro case, the pink bow pictured and a Christmas present for my mum. I am also watching many items including MAC.
Some items I got but not pictured:
MUA Pro Mist Fixing Spray, Christmas tags and Christmas ribbons, Christmas cards, my bblogger secret santa's two gifts, two books and everything that is still in the mail.
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  1. I love Think Pink, it's one of my favourites from Lush!

  2. Ooh nice little haul! This reminds me I need to buy a secret santa gift, 2 in fact.Could do with some chocolate now too! Mmmmm...


  3. Gosh, sounds like you had a very busy day! Crap that you were led to believe that the Ed Hardy perfume was the real deal though :(

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  4. What a haul! You got some fab things, shame about the perfume being a fake though. Raspberrykiss xo

  5. Sounds like an exhausting couple of days! I'm tired just reading it. You got some lovely deals though!

  6. Great haul there Hun, you must have been a shopping machine with all them purchases! So annoying about the Ed Hardy perfume though!! :(

  7. Hi what an awesome haul <3 I love the chocolate. xx