Saturday 7 December 2013

E.L.F haul

As you might have read in my Christmas Haul post the other day I ordered loads from E.L.F on Monday and it came today! I am so impressed with how quick it came. It was only dispatched Wednesday and it came this morning (Saturday). For their 6th birthday ELF had a 50% off EVERYTHING deal with a minimum spend of £20 for it to activate. They still have it and it send 09/12/13 so be quick! Things will be going out of stock fast. My order subtotal was £40.32, packaging was £2.95 and with the discount code I got it all for £23.07! 
 What is in the box?
32pc Eyeshadow palette, brush shampoo, powder puffs, lipstick, make-up remover pen, eye liner, concealer, all over colour stick, get the look eye set, blush, lip stain. 
Four of the products are not mine, all over colour stick, get the look eyes, lip stain and mineral blush. 
I can't wait to try all my things out, I've already used the eyeshadow palette and lip stick. I will be using most of the other items on Monday. 
ELF fearless lipstick
Lipstick - Fearless

ELF 32pc eyeshadow palette
32pc eyeshadow palette

Why order from E.L.F?
  1. From all the reviews I've seen 99% of them are positive.
  2. Pretty cheap P&P
  3. You can pay with paypal
  4. 50% discount
  5. A little something for everyone and every skin tone. 

Have you tried E.L.F products? Have you got a favourite E.L.F item that is a must try? Let me know!


  1. Oh exciting! Looks like you got lots of great things! Can't wiat to see your reviews on them all!

  2. Great haul! I haven't tried ELF yet, but I've seen so many ELF products listed as dupes for more expensive brands I can't wait to try it. I have heard that some items are fab, and others a little.... meh. Did you find that?
    Love Vicky x

    1. I have found a few items are the same as more expensive products, but being a student finding the cheaper options are always a must lol. I know what you mean, I found the all over colour to be a bit 'meh' as you put it. I was expecting more, not 100% sure but felt it would be better.

  3. Wow, this eyeshadow palette looks stunning. Really great selection of browns. I like it a lot.

  4. That's an impressive haul. The eyeshadow palette looks lovely.