Friday 20 December 2013

Intu Lakeside Haul

Yesterday I decided I need a shopping trip, my next student loan comes in about 19 days and I had done well saving my last one so I felt I deserved it. I also had one more Christmas present to buy which gave me even more of an excuse to go. 
Jumper from Primark

This is my haul.

The first shop I went in was Forever21. Even though it is about has big as their Stratford store it didn't have a Forever+ section. I ended up buying this cute robot necklace which only cost me £3.90, it's little legs move and all sorts but what I was really looking for was a chunky chain I had seen in the Stratford store but was too lazy to queue up for. The same happened in New Look. Massive store but no plus size. It's a little disheartening not being able to shop local because only flagship stores to your size.

Primark is my biggest weakness, I can't go in there without spending loads of money. I spent £20 which isn't a lot for me. I picked up the cute chunky, over sized cardigan with PU pockets - £14, four 'hen night' bunny outfits - £1 each for me and the three girls for our holiday in Magaluf, some make-up pads - £1 and a much needed hairbrush - £1.

I am also a sucker for Lush at the moment. I ended up picking two bath bombs (think pink - £2.50 & fizzbanger ballistic - £3.25) and a bubblegum lip scrub - £5.50, I was smelling out the train home luckily for them it smells beautiful. 
Property of Yours Clothing.

I also got this steal, a skater dress with PU sleeves which was £30 down to £20 from Yours Clothing. The Lakeside store is my favourite out of all the YC stores I have been in. The staff are lovely and helped me with the dress when I asked for advice, which is always lovely. I could have easily bought so much more but unfortunately not everything was in my size, too big! Which makes me feel happy, normally things are too small. I also got a pair of tights from Evans as they are so true to size! I really needed 70 denier tights and they were only £6.  
1) Bunny set. Tail, Bow, Shot Glass & Headband. 2) Close up of jumper. 3) Two CDs for step-mum. 4) Chain, tights & Lip Scrub.

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  1. ooo Lush! I love their shops... and I can never resist them... that's why I try to avoid shopping malls which have Lush... easier this way

  2. You look like you got some great things! Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy all of your treats!

  3. I love the jumper and necklace - we don't have a Primark that nearby but perhaps I need to go and hunt one out :) x