Wednesday 15 January 2014

In Love With Fashion

I woke up to a lovely email this morning from In Love With Fashion and the email had an amazing offer in for bloggers to share with their readers. 
Unfortunately until I finish my diet journey ILWF don't fit me. This is really annoying to me because I am so in love with their products but luckily for me they have some super cute tattoos, shoes, bags and even stock the amazing Crown & Glory! And a girl can always dream of all the lovely things she can wear once she has lost weight. 
Hopefully one day they might think of doing a plus size range. 

One of the things I love most about ILWF is the fact they have a £10 shop! I always like a bargain and cheaper items and their £10 shop is amazing! I was stunned when I saw these amazing ILWF Black Suede Cross Strap Wedge and this amazing BESSIE Tan Shopper Bag for only £10. 

LOVE Stripe Tie Dye High Neck Midi Dress - £7.00 
ILWF Black Suede Cross Strap Wedge - £10.00*
LOVE Cream You Only Live Once Vest - £10.00
LOVE Coral Dragonfly Print Sleeveless Shirt - £25.00
TOTE BAG Black And White My Other bag Is Chanel - £5.99 
LOVE Neon Pink #BLOGGER Black Tee - £9.00*
 Crown and Glory Ice Cream Not a Lotta Rosie Headband - £17.99 
Crown and Glory Pastels Medium Glitter Hair Bow - £8.99
LOVE Pink And Navy Stripe Jersey Skater Dress - £7.00*

The stripe tie dye high neck midi dress is my favourite out of everything I’ve seen on the website. What beautiful shades and perfect for summer. I would really compliment my skin tone. I love wedges and the ILWF black suede cross strap wedges are perfect for a night out on the town. I pretty much live my life by YOLO so the LOVE cream You Only Live Once vest is perfect for me.I am so in love this the LOVE dragonfly shirt in coral it is unreal, it comes close second to the tie dye dress. I love the colour and again it could really compliment my skin tone. I adore the black and white my other bag Is Chanel tote, so simple but my friend would giggle with me at this. It is so me. I’d rock a ‘cheaper bag’ and leave my LV at home. Just in case anyone forgets I am a blogger it would be cool to wear the pink #BLOGGER Black Tee. I’ve always been a fan of C&G and love their headbands the ice cream not a Lotta Rosie Headband is beautiful and so far the medium glitter hair bows and if you don’t already know I love skater dresses and the LOVE pink And navy stripe jersey skater dress is in two of my favourite colours. 

Don't forget your discount code if you're buying. There is a BLOGGER/READER EXCLUSIVE 30% OFF ALL FULL PRICE ITEMS!! 
No I did not mistype, it is a massive 30% off
 Other than this discount ILWF also do a student discount of 15% with UNIDAYS
*These items are in the sale and therefore can not be used with the discount.

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**This is a sponsored post as I will be receiving store credit.


  1. Ohh they have some lovely things!! Wish I could fit in
    That skater dress is gorgeous x

  2. Lovely collection here , nice choices.

  3. Nice suggestions - need to be in shape this year . New year resolution still going stron

  4. Nice suggestions - need to be in shape to try it

  5. I'm the same. Why do these places only go up to a small size 16 :( That skater dress is perf though! x

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    1. It really upsets me. I recently found out Boohoo now have bigger sizes and many other stores are joining it. I personally think all stores should go up to a 20, 18 at a minimum. :)

  6. I ave spent a fortune on these , i got all my polishes of barry m from there my wedge shoes and tons of dresses only thing now is they only small sizes and they small fitting x

  7. I spent £60 at Love the other day and my order has come today. It's fab! Might have to buy some more stuff now they have a discount code as well ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper