Friday 17 January 2014

Benefit Brow Zings review

Brow Zings - DEEP

To me eyebrows make or break a girl's face. I could be having a down day but as long as my eyebrows are looking nice I feel pretty. I'm not sure if this is the beautician in me coming out but I check out a girls eyebrows before I check them out. I don't care what you're wearing I just love eyebrows so much.  
 Brow zings is the No.1 best-selling eyebrow product in the UK and has two awards. Best Brow Product, U Beauty Awards, 2012 & Best Brow Fill, RSVP Beauty Awards, 2012
With Flash!

  • Pigmented wax for shaping
  • Natural-shaded powder 
  • Tweezers 
  • Hard angle brush 
  • Blending brush 
  • Mirror
With Brow Zings
 First of all you start with the pigmented wax (dark brown on the left). This wax gives you a little colour while shaping your brows and making sure any hairs are going in the correct direction. Then you use the natural-shaded powder (lighter brown on right) to fill in where you don't have much hair. I use it on my arch as I don't have much hair there and on my right brow to make it look longer where my brows are currently not symmetrical. I then often pluck the odd hair to make them look perfect. I don't normally use the brushes provided I use a larger blending brush. 

I was such a lucky girl to get given this from my friend for Christmas. It has been on my wish list for the longest time and as you can see from the first picture it has been used so much already.

I love Brow Zings but my mum said it looks too dark on me. She thought I had got my brows tinted. I have black brows but even this shade of brown does give me a 'scouse brow' but I love that look, I like fuller, darker brows. It sets the face and can completely change your make-up look.
I am a massive fan of Kim Kardashian's eyebrows! PERFECTION!

Sorry there isn't a before and after picture. I didn't get any good quality before pictures and I took these pictures over a week ago and now my brows need fixing before I dare take a picture of them! 

Have you used Brow Zings or a different brow kit? 
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  1. Look at your brows! They are lovely :D I absolutely hate mine! Is it bad that I disagree with your mum? Lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    1. No, because I disagreed too haha. I think it might have been just that day, I was in a rush before a night out. xD

  2. I love your eyebrows, I really need to darken mine. They look blonde and I have really dark hair.


  3. I have naff eye brows and I am sure you would be horrified at them! I like the sound of this kit though! Great review!

  4. I kinda of disagree with your mum too and you have lovely brows, they at least have shape and definition x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. I used to have the benefit brow pallett, it was my best ever , unfortunately my son got hold of it and destroyed when he was younger and i have never bought a new one , im using the mua one now as its fabulous and a bargain too x

  6. I too always look at peoples eyebrows, I am so obsessed I had mine tattoed on!