Tuesday 21 January 2014

My new addiction: The Sims 3

I've recently become re addicted to The Sims 3. I stupidly forgot that the discs work on both Macs and PCs so I uploaded it to my Mac and off I went, into my little Sim world. 

I can easily spend all my free time playing in my virtual world. Currently I have a family of 4/5. Mum, dad, daughter, daughter's husband and their unborn child.
Something weird did happen though, my male Sim went to the prom on his own (had been at boarding school so had no friends) and became gay, I have no issues with gays, I am totally gay friendly and 1/2 of my friends are gay I was just shocked that the game was gay friendly. I ended up getting him married to the guy with having so many sims decided to move them both out. Was nice to see they could get married like 'normal' Sims. I hope if I adopted a child they would both come up as parents but of course I hadn't tested this out.
Anyone else still play The Sims 3?
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  1. I have spent many an hour playing these games! They are a little too addictive! I also managed to get the Xbox versions and saw a few more hours drift away as I busied myself learning, reading, working and dressing, building house and decorating them! Ahh those were the days ;)

  2. Ah, The Sims - brilliant franchise! I gotta say I've spent MANY a rainy day indoors playing The Sims 3, and very much looking forward to the release of The Sims 4!

    Love the fact her hubby turned gay by thee way haha that's hilarious! :D
    Mr Joiee: The Blog!

  3. I have no experience in playing these sort of games, but I guess it is great that the "geeky"guys making them are thinking about current social affairs to make children and young people aware of the issues teaching them how to be more tolerant within the society. I wonder if there is a difference depending on which country it is being developed in including the issue of gay adopting children.

  4. I bought the DS game a few years ago but it was rubbish compared to the PC games! I want to dig all my old ones out now lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  5. this has long past my fun, i have not played it since i was in my teens about 15 yrs ago , x