Sunday 9 February 2014

Best night ever

This is a little off 'topic' for me but I had such an amazing night last night I just had to share it.
As some of you may know, I love house music. All types of house, from progressive house all the way to acid and tech house. Yesterday was my friend's 23rd birthday and she is a massive fan of Annie Mac and so am I so we all decided to go see her in KoKo Camden and I had the best night ever!
 I hardly drank so I was pretty much the only sober person in the club but I was so excited to see Annie Mac the fact there were drunken idiots didn't bother me. I was right at the front the whole night and didn't move till her set was finished. I let the other go buy drink and I tried to keep our place.
I love photography so I have to say now, before you all judge me (giggles) I am very sorry about the quality of the images and videos. They were taken with my iPhone & as I was at the front I have 100s of people pushing me and couldn't keep still enough to take a decent picture/video and the sound had a lot of base. 

Here are some pictures and videos. 
Line Up for the night.



VIA INSTAGRAM What types of music do you like? Have you seen Annie Mac live or listen to her on Radio 1?
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  1. Ok so am i actually jeeeellll!!!! I wish i was there!

  2. looks like you got very drunk and had a great night x

  3. Looks like you had lots of fun .x