Tuesday 11 February 2014

Welcome to the family

After what has felt like forever it has come the time where I've finally got my fish!
He moves so quickly I can't get a decent picture!
 I feel like a proud mum right now with the new addition to the family. 
He moves so quickly I can't get a decent picture!
I'm not sure if my Shubunkin is male or female so he/she is currently not named but I'm so excited to finally have a pet again even though it isn't the puppy that I wanted. In about a week I'll be buying a few friends for him/her and fingers crossed whatever the sex of this fish is I'll get the opposite so they can have babies. But I have to wait till spring/summer for them to mate and then I'd need a 2nd tank as Shubunkins often eat their eggs!

No fishing!
I also need to buy a bigger tank for him/her but I got fed up of waiting and got a little impatient. I'd have to buy a new tank, buy new gravel then have to have the tank set up for three days with a filter. I also lost the white, black and gold Shubunkin I wanted a week ago due to this so knew it was time to just buy it already

Do you have fish? I'd love to see any pictures you have. 
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  1. oh fish,,,, sore subject with me lol, my husband has decided he wanted to go from cold fish to marine and its becoming an expensive hobby of his lol, but they are fun to watch , btu shhh x

    1. Mum wants tropical, it is expensive. I don't think anyone understands till they start buying them. lol x

  2. Awww! I have just got a fish tank so I'm setting it up soon, I'm excited :-) x

  3. Aww, Stacey really wants a fish :D Yours is so cute. I don't really know anything about pets but I'm going to guess that it's male!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  4. Fish are so much more hard work than you imagine I've had so many in my life and they all die lol

    Still cute and relaxing

    Gemma from ButtonsBlog