Saturday 1 February 2014

Mr Nutcase iPhone case review

I have been looking for a new case for my iPhone for a while now, I was getting fed up of my cheap 3D bunny case and I wanted something a little more personalised that everyone doesn't have and that is where MrNutcase comes in. I had been on a few 'create your own case' websites but none match up to how easy and straight forward Mr Nutcase is and none of them have such a funky website. 
How does it work?
You go to create a case and then pick your manufacturer (mine is Apple), then your Device (I picked my iPhone) and then pick your case type. I'm not a massive fan of the leather cases so decided to get the Ultra Light Weight Slim Line case which costs £14.95. The slim line case has all the cut outs for your charger, camera, volume and headphone so you don't have to take your case off each time you need to use one of them features like many fake cases. Then click 'Get Started' where you can pick from 13 options of how many images you'd like to add to your case. I picked 8 images in a square shaped. Then it is time to personalise it! You can also add text, add clip art and change the background colour. I decided to leave them out and just add pictures.
Preview of my design on the website

How it really looks

What is on my case?
I decided to add these pictures on my case because these pictures give me the most happiness. I am always texting or on my phone and each time I am these will remind me of the amazing friends I have and the amazing times I've had with them. I really feel like 2013 was my year of happiness. 

The good. The Bad?
I am so in love with the quality of my case, I wasn't expecting it to be so high quality because of some of the images I used had already been edited or came from Facebook. I am also not a massive fan of non silicon cases but this is perfect. It will take me a little while to get the hang of having a normal phone case. I always have 3D cases with ears and tails. Only down side is when I went to put it on it felt like it was too big and my phone would fall back out the case but it didn't. As soon as the case click into place it wasn't moving anywhere, which can also be annoying because it was hard to take back off to take the pictures of it but of course this proves how secure it is. The case also smelt a little, not in a bad way but it smelt like fresh printing. Sounds silly but I don't like to write reviews without at least one negative and honest that was the only 'issue'. 
Jiffy Bag it came in, case & leaflet

Order Date: 30/01/2014 at 17:52:58
Shipped Date: 31/01/2014 at 12:52
Delivery Date: 01/02/2014 at 12:32
I wasn't expecting my case to come as quickly as it did but this is mainly due to the fact that these days the postwoman can skip my house for a few days at a time.


Overall thoughts... 
Overall, I'd highly recommend using MrNutcase, the case is such high quality and you get a free screen protector if you like them on Facebook!  
Don't forget to check out their TV advert! 
You can also find MrNutcase on Facebook, AppStore & Twitter.

Have you heard of Mr Nutcase before? What memories would you add to your case?
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  1. This is really lovely! I love your collage and the delivery time is amazing! £14.95 is nothing compared to what some people pay for plain cases! :) xx

    1. I couldn't believe the delivery time. I was shocked when it came. x

  2. These are such a good idea and I've seen a few around, the only issue I would have is choosing the photos I would find that dead hard xx

    1. I found it really hard too but glad I picked these now. x

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    1. Thanks, I'll check out Casetagram now see how they work. x

  4. love this idea looks great and , i would love to get one with all my lil ones on x

    1. You should get one, I am over the moon with mine :)

  5. I got an iPad case from them and love it, I carry it around everywhere with me and so far it's coping well. Love how yours came out - fantastic idea to go for pictures that mean so much :) x

  6. wow, that's REALLY quick. Fab case too!!!

  7. that's so cool I am looking for a new case .x

  8. Really nice. They always do cases for Iphones, but I have an HTC and can never find cases.


  9. Nice iPhone case!

    Ray | Obey Ray