Monday 3 February 2014

Shopping again

Oh no. I've been shopping again! 

shopping addiction

For some weird reason my university thought it would be a good idea to make us pick up our free core books in Stratford so today Phyllis and I went on a little trip and of course no trip to Stratford is complete without without a cheeky visit to Westfield. 
We started off getting lost trying to find the building to pick up our books and then got a bus to Startford high street where we popped in the post office so I could send back my ASOS order we then walked to the piercing shop where I got my tragus taken out and had a new bar put in. I got it done in 2008 and it has given me nothing but trouble. It hasn't stopped bleeding today so much so that I might have to go back to the shop sometime this week. After that we decided it was time to get to Westfield. 

What did I buy? 
 Not much to be honest, not that I didn't try! 
I am a self confessed Primmark addict! I can't lie to you all. I am a massive fan of Primark. From their undies to their homeware. I've never really gone wrong with Primark other than their odd sizing at times (two items that are the same size can be different sizes) I don't think I can ever walk past a Primark without going in and 9/10 I buy something.
I fell in love with this entire outfit, from kicks to chain. Something I'd wear in Ibiza if I was slimmer.
 The beautiful Chloe over at Unwritten Hollywood (hope she don't mind me mentioning her) gave me the excuse to go really. After seeing her latest post I fell in love with her boots and of course I picked up a pair as they were only £15. I also picked up two new hair brushes. I tried on a royal blue maxi skirt and a pink shirt for holiday but they didn't suit me. The maxi was too long and the shirt sleeves annoyed me a little. It would be fair to say this was my cheapest visit to Primark in a long time. 
White and Navy Stripe Pointelle Jumper

 I got a new jumper from New Look. I stupidly didn't take a full picture of it but this pattern and you can click the link above. I am so in love with it but you 100% need a vest top under it. Not sure how warm it would be with this weather we currently have but let's hope it is. 
I also fell in love with a coat in the sale but it was too short and would totally put me out of my comfort zone. I only wear coats that cover my bum. I also really liked the black diamond print skater dress and a dress that was pretty similar but had a pink check top but I am going to be cheeky and wait till the next 20% discount comes around before I buy them. 

Have you been shopping recently? Got any bargain?  
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  1. Oh wow love your shoes and jumper - they go so well together and are perfect for the transition from winter to spring - I really need to go shopping - great picks :)

    Laura x

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  3. Wow, I love the boots! ♥

  4. I really like the boots, especially chelsea styles. i've not been into primark for ages but i really need to!