Friday 21 March 2014

14things//for2014 update

Back on the 5th of Jan I did my 14things//for2014 and I though I'd update you all on it.

 1. Do an assignment as soon as I get it
Oh how I wish I had been able to stick to this. I've had three assignments after writing the last post and I've stuck to it with two of them but the last one which was due Wednesday had me at university for 12 hours writing it. I was so stressed out that my body was red where I kept scratching it and I was pulling bits of my hair out. I didn't even notice at first. I think it is fair to say economics isn't for me. 

2. Get a 1st at university. 
I've only had one grade so fair as the other two where due Wednesday & Thursday meaning I'll get my grade in April. I got a 2:1 in the assignment but it was only a small 500 word review of an academic paper, it was hard to stick to a 500 word limit if I'm honest. 

3. Make sure I go Amsterdam this year. 
Amsterdam is booked and nearly fully paid for. We booked our Megabus and our hotel rooms and I just need to pay off the hotel rooms which is due April 4th. We are so excited but not excited for a 10 hour trip on a coach, wish we could have taken the long ferry to Rotterdam (not France) so the driving was less time but we'll have fun and sleep so it isn't too bad. I am also going to Cardiff later so I'm getting my traveling done. I can't wait to travel around the UK and Europe this year. 

4. Get 1000 blog followers across GFC & Bloglovin’. 
Well this one I've clearly not got yet, I've got loads of Bloglovin' followers recently. I was slowly getting GFC followers too but recently it hasn't been working correctly and I've not been blogging so I wouldn't expect people to follow me. I think I now have something like 500 followers between the two.

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5. Write more often. 
As I just wrote above I've not been blogging much, I've been so busy with university work but I am going to make sure I schedule some posts soon. Yesterday I got a new DSLR camera. A Nikon D3200, my last camera is on it's last legs. I'll miss my bridge but I'm glad to now have a real DSLR rather than a bridge which you can't have different lenses. 

6. Work in partnership with a big brand.
I've been lucky and had a few emails, none from massive companies that I adore but unfortunately many of the companies have asked for 'follow links' which I don't agree on as I know there are issues with Google and being paid for 'follow links'.

7. Get a new job! 
I've not been looking for a job, I've been busy with my studies and my current job. I would love to find a laid back job like a receptionist. I enjoyed doing it when working in a salon and I enjoy being a PA. 

 8. Buy less. 
I guess you could say I've been buying less, my bank statement is say that but I feel like I am still spending money, I've not got many new clothes but then again I am going shopping tomorrow and might buy stuff. 

9. Move out. 
Well this one doesn't count till September so I'll leave it be for now.

 10. Forgive & Forget.
I have such amazing friends right now I've not even cared about people who have walked out of my life. I've had no need to forgive and forget right now and hope in the future I don't need to.

11. Give to charity. 
I've not got round to it but I feel I need to. I'm looking forward to tickled pink at ASDA so I can get some cute pink clothes and give to charity all at the same time.

12. Learn Spanish. 
I'm sure you're sick of hearing this now, but yet again I've been far too busy to worry about learning a new language. Maybe after May once I've finished university till September. I'll have some time to learn, think and enjoy learning it. 

13. Lose weight. 
I had a hospital appointment at GOSH the other day and got weighed. I love being weighed there because it is so accurate including body fat. I've eaten so much junk food the last few months but due to walking so much I've not put on or lost weigh. I guess being stable is better that putting on. 

14. Wear heels more. 
I've worn them a few times but as most of my time I'm at home or university I don't see the point in dressing up and wearing heels. 

Overview: I've not done amazing the past few months but look forward to hitting some of these targets, I've update you again soon and hopefully it will be better news.

Did you do 14things//for2014? Have you updated?
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  1. well done on working towards your goals. once baby is cooked... i might re-try mine... it WAS to keep positive and not moan so much haha!

  2. I'm doing something really similar on my blog at the moment, the 101 in 1001 challenge! I really hope you get your 1st at university :) (p.s. I go to GOSH as well!) xx