Monday 24 March 2014

Home from Cardiff

On Friday I went to Cardiff in Wales.

I did plan to write a full blog post about it before I left but you know things never go to plan. I decided not to take my DSLR camera and stuck to just my iphone which means no high quality pictures. We also didn't get up to too much like exploring Cardiff as so many things went wrong so all the pictures I have are from our night out in Glam Nightclub.
Three on the waterbed
I was really looking forward to going to Glam as I am a massive fan of the MTV show 'The Valleys' and we were going VIP. I was 'lucky' enough to see two of the cast members, unfortunately someone photo bombed the picture so I had to edit them out.
& I

As I said before so many things went wrong it would take me forever to write it all but the major things that went wrong were:

1. I though I lost my ID, Oyster Card, debit card and so on whilst on the megabus as I couldn't find it, luckily it was in a hole in my pocket but I didn't find it till I had cried and searched on my hands and knees.
2. On Saturday, not drunk, I fell over outside Cardiff City football stadium and two big hunky men had to pick me back up. I cut both hands and my knee with a bruise on my left elbow too.
3. On the Saturday the boys missed two megabuses between them which meant they were late
4. I got my hair done at supercuts then it started raining!
5. One of the boys forget their ID and couldn't get in the club.
6. Even though we were 20 minutes early the megabus was packed on the way home and we couldn't sit near each other. 

So much more went wrong but these are my 'favourite'. 
Feeling sorry for myself

We are planning on going back to Cardiff again soon, for longer. 
What things should we do? Anything we must see?
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