Tuesday 25 March 2014

Beauty WishList

With all the stress of university I am in need of some pampering, and what is better than "window shopping" online? Nothing! I often find that window shopping and looking at all the amazing brands I wish I could afford or try stops me from being stressed out. 

This week I though I'd do a beauty wish list, all the amazing brands I need to try out soon. 
  1. I am so in love with pastel colours right now and GHD are the only hair straighteners that work on my hair and I was so excited when I spotted HairTrade have GHD IV Pastels Jade Styler slim plates for £94.99 (RRP: £110) I love them. They come in three colours. Jade, Lavender & Periwinkle. I’m not sure what could I want as I love them all. I currently have the wide plate ones and I think I’ve had them about 6 years, could be longer, they are the original ones and they are slowly starting to take less effect on my hair so I’m looking for a smaller plate to be able to get to the roots. The GHD IV are perfect. 
  2. I really want to try the Triple Creme Skin Rehydrator by Estée Lauder because recently I've had really bad skin, super dry and it needs dehydrating. I believe I may have very mild contact dermatitis to one of the products I'm using. I don't want to say names because I'm not sure what one, it is between two facial products that could be doing it to me. I wouldn't bother googling it and looking at the pictures if you don't know what CD is because the pictures make it sound worse than what it normally is for people. If it isn't CD it could just be the fact I've not really been having an amazing diet the last two weeks and it is showing on my face. The creme costs £30 / 50ml.
  3. I am so in love with Ciate's Dolls House Collection varnishes. You get 4 Paint Pots from the Dolls House Collection and one full size base coat for £30. I love the shades and it sticks to my love of pastel colours! How cute are these?
  4. I've never worn hair extensions or weave before as I've always had long hair but recently I've been wanting longer hair so I can do more with it. I have a really odd texture to my hair and an odd colour. Although it is red it has pink, blonde, black, brown and ginger in it so it would be pretty hard to get a colour that would fully blend with my hair but I spotted some 14 & 18 inch I&K clip in straight hair extensions in red that look like my hair colour when I first dye it. Red with a hint of ginger. They are  100% real human hair extensions which means I can cut it, colour it, straighten it and curl it if needed and best of all HairTrade have a Youtube video under the product to show you how to apply them. 14 inch is £44.99 and 18 inch is £62.99
  5. As I stated above I have a really weird texture to my hair, it is always frizzy and knotty and recently whenever I go to a hairdressers they use a Tangle Teezer. I found a Tangle Teezer Original on Hairtrade for £8.55 (RRP: £10.20). They are made for wigs and hair extensions but they work so well on my hair. 
  6. Due to a lack of sleep, or a lack or decent sleep I've got really bad bags under my eyes and dark circles, I am always looking tired and I feel I am in need of the All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage by Clinique. It is £22 / 15ml and I've heard nothing but good things about it from friends. 
  7. I know Dermalogica's shave system kit is meant for men and beards but recently I am getting more and more ingrown hairs and I think I'll do whatever it takes to get them gone and if it means buying mens products I will. It costs £43.60 for the kit and you get four products for that price.
I've really falling in love with Hairtrade. They have everything you could need under one 'roof'.
What items are on your beauty wish list this month?
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  1. Love the coloured GHDs, any help around the eye is always welcome too! http://www.lifewithliv.co.uk

  2. I love my extensions, have to wear them when I go out not for the length but for the volume instead! Great post and liking the GHDs.

    Top Style Advice

  3. Love those Ciate shades, my wishlist must have this month is Benefit concealer paste, read and seen some great reviews and its been recommended to really help as a concealer.