Saturday 10 May 2014

Sneak Freak: 1

The weather may be awful but it is summer soon and I've been on the look out for some white trainers as I am so unladylike. I love trainers, mainly Converse and Nike. I went to JD in Stratford yesterday and found these little beauties for £25 (the perks of being size 5 and still fitting in the junior collection).

They are not very girly, I'd normally look for a pair with pink or pastel colours but I know I'll be wearing a lot of blue/black this year. I'm going to try and save them for my holiday in July but I doubt I'll be able to wait so long.
 Do you prefer trainers to shoes?
What are your summer colours this year? 


  1. Oh these are awesome! Nothing better than fresh kicks! x

  2. These kicks are beaut! I love white shoes for summer, especially with denim!
    On the look out for a new pair of converse at the moment!
    Great post! x