Sunday 11 May 2014

Update: Mr Nutcase iPhone case

I got my case from MrNutCase little over three months ago and it has been on my phone everyday since then. I though I'd update you all on how it looks and if it is still as good as it was the day I got it. You can check out my Original review here.

Day I got it (01.02.14)
Today - A few marks and scratches

Rubbed away at the right corner

A few marks
As you can see the case is still in pretty good condition, if I'm honest when looking at the case it looks fine, like it is brand new but in different lights or if you tilt it you can see that there was once a thin protective clear layer which has marks on and has rubbed away so it looks scratched. I'm still so happy with the case and can't wait to buy a new one when I upgrade my phone in a few months. 

Have you got a MrNutCase case? Is it still in good condition?
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  1. what fun! I'm glad it lasts too, makes a big difference

  2. Popped over and read your initial review first. These cases do look awesome. High quality as well, which you would expect to cost a lot more. I have mine in a leather case and that is only because I am prone to dropping it and have no insurance.

  3. I loved my Mr Nutcase, they are really good quality. I love the pictures you have had put onto yours!

  4. Glad to know there are cases that last this look without cracking or even fading just after a week.

  5. These cases look great, love that you can personalise them so much.

  6. These cases look great, nice to know that you can personalise them so much.