Tuesday 22 July 2014

Back from Holiday

As you may have known I went to Magaluf from the 8th - 15th July. I've been so busy with work once I got back that I've just not had the time to blog about it or even blog at all. 

The holiday was a bit of a hit and miss unfortunately. Overall I had an amazing time but there were so many upsets during the week. The biggest was the fact I fell and got glass in my leg on my tattoo and needed to go hospital but I braved it out till I got back to the UK and as soon as I landed I went to my local hospital where they sorted it out for me. The clinic in Magaluf wanted to charge me £70 just to see the doctor that was without anything happening like a x-ray, stitches, pain killers and so on.  We also got lied to a lot during this holiday from reps selling tickets. Although we had a good time on the VVIP Magaluf boat party it wasn't worth the money and we didn't get anything we were promised. I could write a whole hate speech on that boat party but I'll leave that to a different post. 

I always share my holiday pictures with you guys so here are a few of my favourite pictures from the holiday. 

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