Wednesday 8 October 2014

Morocco day 1 & 2

I pretty much kept this holiday a secret but as part of my 21st birthday present my mum said she'd take me back to Morocco. So here I am two weeks after my 21st back in Morocco. Last time we stayed in Marrakesh but this time we decided to be near a beach and therefore staying in Agadir which is about 3 hours south west of Marrakesh. I wasn't a massive fan of Marrakesh as it really took me out of my comfort zone but already I am loving Agadir, I could honestly say it doesn't even feel like it is the same country as Marrakesh. It is so much more friendlier, cleaner and more scenic. 
Day One
Day one was spent traveling, we left our home at 9:20am and got the delayed 10:57am train from London Bridge to Gatwick South where we were an hour early for check in. Mum had a coffee while I tired to use up the last of my 4G before my contract rolled over to the next month and it would be wasted. After hanging around we went down to speedy boarding (EasyJet) and checked in before going through security. I had to take my laptop out my bag which was annoying and the queue took forever after getting through it was time for duty free, which is always my favourite part of leaving the EU. I picked up two bottles of champagne, a mini bottle of Cîroc, Benefit's they're real liner and an OPI varnish which I forgot to pick up last time I was at the airport. With two bottles of water added it come to a grand total of £87 but totally worth it! I then went to Nandos which recently opened at the South Terminal where I only paid £1 for it as I had been saving up my loyalty card for the past year.

The flight was 3 1/2 hours and honestly didn't even feel that long, I read part of my new book 'The Gift of Darkness' which is pretty good I also listened to music and washed the world go by, quite literally. Once we landed we boarded our mini bus and had about a 30 minute drive to the hotel which is beautiful! I don't have pictures just yet but I'll make sure I'll post them soon. We arrived about 8:30 rushed to the room so we could make it for dinner. After diner we went for a long walk attempting to find the beach but fail. After going to the beach today I'm not 100% sure how we didn't spot it, we are so near! After the walk we saw some of the hotel entertainment and went to bed we were totally tired and needed it. 
Day Two
We woke up at 8:30am this morning, which was far too early for my liking after washing and getting ready we were down for breakfast at 9:15. I wish I hadn't bothered. I love the hotel but their breakfast is just awful, it is eggs, eggs or eggs. I say that you only have one option, scrabbled eggs and when I moaned I got offered fried eggs or an omelet, none of which I wanted. I ended up going out for breakfast to a local cafe not that it was amazing but only cost me 25dh (£1.82) so I can't complain I then went and got my hair done for 100dh (£7.29) after getting my hair done we jumped in a taxi to the beach where to walked along the shops before having a coffee and a milkshake it was about 12:30 now and the sun was starting to come out so we walked across the beautiful beach before looking in a souk where I got myself a "Michael Kors" bag for 110dh (£8.10) I am now back at the hotel writing my university assignment and this blog post. Wishing dinner would hurry up because I am now hungry again. 

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