Saturday 11 October 2014

Morocco day 3 & 4

Day three

Today has been so busy! We woke up pretty early and headed towards the beach to catch the ‘petit train’. The petit train takes you on a 40 minute ride around Agadir to show you all the sites. The trip is really cute but sort of puts into prospective how little there is in Agadir. There really isn’t much to do here. Agadir is the place to come if you want to sit at the beach all day or take a day trip to Marrakech/Casablanca.

After the petit train we went to the zoo (Vallee des Oiseaux) after reading reviews on Trip Advisor I really wasn’t looking forward to going but it was pretty fun. It is totally free to go so I couldn’t moan there and I knew it wouldn’t be London Zoo but there really wasn’t anything wrong with the place. Other than the smell but what do you expect for a zoo? After the zoo we went to the beach before heading back to the hotel where I had a shower and got ready for my ‘birthday’ meal in a Indian/Pakistani restaurant.

Day Four

 Today I woke up late and went for breakfast and had a chicken panini and chips at a local restaurant, after eating mum and I went to the souk where I picked up a little gift for all my friends at university as well as looking for a new handbag or purse. I wasn’t feeling 100% with all the different smells. I never took any pictures today so here are some of previous days.

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